US Army Delivers – MRE Pizza

MRE Pizza

Are you a fan of pepperoni pizza?  Then you are in luck as Uncle Sam will be delivering MRE pizza to a field problem near you.  

Since 2014, the US Army has field tested this highly desired treat to ensure it is capable of surviving a three-year shelf life at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  

To round of the authentic Italian experience, the MRE will come with Italian breadsticks, cheese spread, berry cobbler, and a chocolate protein powder mix.  This delicious experience will come in about 1,200 calories.

Unfortunately, you will need to wait to enjoy this classy meal.  The MRE pizza is expected to be fielded Army wide in the summer of 2019.  Additionally, be on the lookout for beef goulash which is also releasing in 2019.

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