The Millionaire Soldier's Blog

The Millionaire Soldier is a blog created to provide financial education and discussion regarding news, investing, saving, and planning for the future.  Although Soldier is a term typically reserved for members of the US Army, the information found within this blog is appropriate for members of every branch of the Armed Forces.  If there is a topic you would like to know more about, please let us know and we will gladly help.

This section contains general information about the military and news which may affect you.  

Was personal finance a class you skipped in school?  No worries, we got you.  In this section you will find topics related to personal financial education.  

Are you struggling to make it to the next pay day?  Cutting your expenses is a great way to stop the cycle of living this way.  In this section, we will share with you ideas on how you can save a little money to make it go further.

Are you trying to figure out how to start investing?  Not sure the difference between a IRA, TSP, and 401(k)?  This section has step by step guides to help you start investing as well as give you foundational information so you may invest for your retirement.

Making a little extra money in corporate America is as easy as asking your boss for some overtime.  But overtime is something that doesn’t exist for members of the military.  Instead money must be made elsewhere.  This section contains information regarding how to make money on the side to include building businesses from scratch to make some money on the side.

Something I have discovered is that there is always someone smarter than me.  Ironically, the more successful these people are, the more they want to share their insights with those who will listen.  With audio books, I have turned my commute to work into what Zig Ziglar calls “Automobile University.”  This section contains books that I have read and recommend as well as ways to get books and audio books for the best price, free.