When do I get a Military paycheck in 2019?

Let’s be honest, when they talk about the US Military being an all voluntary force, they weren’t talking about us working for free now were they.

The general rule of thumb is that your paycheck arrives on the 1st and the 15th of each month.  But there are always exceptions to the rules.  

In this case, the exception would be weekends and holidays.  If the payday were to fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then you would get paid on the previous Friday.

Likewise, if the payday was a holiday, such as the New Years day, then your pay would occur on the previous working day.

The table below shows the specific dates for when you will receive your paycheck as well as when you will be able to view your Leave and Earning Statement (LES) for that payment. 

2019 Military Pay Dates

Pay Period
Mid-month Pay Day LES for Mid-Month is Available End-of-Month Pay Day LES for the Month is Available
January Jan. 15 Jan. 8 Feb. 1 Jan. 25
February Feb. 15 Feb. 8 Mar. 1 Feb. 22
March Mar. 15 Mar. 8 Apr. 1 Mar. 22
April Apr. 15 Apr. 5 May. 1 Apr. 24
May May 15 May 8 May 31 May 24
June Jun. 14 Jun. 7 Jul. 1 Jun. 21
July Jul. 15 Jul. 4 Aug. 1 Jul. 25
August Aug. 15 Aug. 8 Aug. 30 Aug. 23
September Sep. 13 Sep. 6 Oct. 1 Sep. 24
October Oct. 15 Oct. 8 Nov. 1 Oct. 25
November Nov. 15 Nov. 8 Nov. 29 Nov. 22
December Dec. 13 Dec. 7 Dec. 31 Dec. 24

Certain banking institutions, such as USAA, will have their own rules for their customers.  In the case of USAA, your account would reflect receipt of your paycheck one working day earlier.

For more information regarding the military pay dates, please check out the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s website.

Click here for the 2019 military pay chart.

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