The Millionaire Soldier

A military personal finance blog.

Soldiers helping Soldiers

Welcome to the Millionaire Soldier, a military personal finance blog for members of the Armed Forces and their families.  I created this website with one goal in mind, helping others within the military community to win with money. 

 Over a decade ago, I made the choice to become a self-made millionaire by the time I retired from military service.  Along the way, I found many naysayers who doubted it was even possible, especially with an Enlisted Soldier’s pay.  Their negativity only fed my motivation to keep going.

 I assure you, this path is not easy.  But, I also assure you that my success is repeatable and can become your success.  This personal finance blog is for helping my fellow brothers and sisters in arms overcome their financial hardships with education and a community for encouragement.

No matter where you are financially, there is hope that you can better your self.  You can defeat debt, live without worry, plan for your future, finance your child’s education, and live the life you want in retirement.  Join in on the conversation today.